Bajo la misma Luna

La pelicula tiene como tema la situación precaria de los inmigrantes  en México, llevan a Rosario a tomar la difícil decisión de dejar a su pequeño hijo con su abuela y cruzar la frontera ilegalmente. Este sacrificio era con el solo propósito de brindarle a Carlitos una mejor vida desde los Estados Unidos. Pero todo tiene su precio. El sufrimiento de Rosario tanto como de Carlitos se agudizaba más cada domingo a las 10 AM. Desde un teléfono público en Los Ángeles, Rosario llamaba con puntualidad todos los domingos a su hijo, que con fervor, esperaba escuchar la voz de su madre del otro lado de la línea. A pesar de que Carlitos tenía apenas 9 años, el decidió viajar de ilegal, pagándole a dos jóvenes americanos para que lo cruzaran. Los acontecimientos durante el viaje, llevaron al encuentro de Carlitos y Enrique (Eugenio Derbez), un brusco ilegal que al principio le molestaba la presencia del niño, pero que en el transcurso de la película pasa a ser un héroe. La ternura y determinación de Carlitos fueron ablandando el corazón de Enrique, que al final arriesgó su futuro para que Carlitos continuara la búsqueda de su madre.

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    By Susana Caro
    Under de same Moon

    Can we truly say that in United State’s immigrants live under the same moon? That is the question after I saw Under de same Moon movie. The immigration is one of the most controversial social phenomenon since refers to transfer people out from its territory of origin whether inside its own country. Also, the International’s immigration that refers a person that itself transfer to another country whether as the inhabitant or to be nationalized in it.
    This social phenomenon exists from remote times. Many times on account of the wars, to seek better “condition of life”, so much environmental as cultural, and labor reason which being most important causes at present time by majority immigrants.
    The movie to which I am going to focus “Under the same Moon” refers the Mexican’s immigrant in the United States and all obstacles that an immigrant goes through to achieve its. It sound that is that of improves the standard of living or better we can say the level of poverty that family goes through in this time.
    As we can see, the point of view of a Mexican’s mother called Rosario that upon there being side abandoned by her husband who immigrated to Tucson, is seen in the obligation of crossing the American border risking his life to be able to maintain his son Carlitos. Who remains in Mexico to the care of his grandmother which is found sick. Sociologically speaking I believe that the theory of Marx of conflict of class that is focused in the differences of social classes can apply perfectly in this film, especially when the protagonist of the film “Rosario” has to work as a housemaid, in two different houses. In one of the houses the Patrone, Mrs Mc Kensie, woman of high social position, the one that not alone exploited Rosario force her to do multiples task and also trying to make her work after hours. When Rosario explained to Mrs Mc Kensie that she can’t do an extra task because she has to go to her next job Mrs Mc Kensie fired her and not only that but refused to pay her for the days she worked. Rosario implored for the job and for her money. Rosario’s employer who tauntingly, reminds her that she can’t call the cops for fear of being deported.
    This is a classic example of abuse which is used to obtain own benefit without
    Care that it is an illegal act. This example is one of the so many that are not published neither denounced to the authorities by the immigrants for the fear of being reported to the Immigration Department and then been deported back to their country. We can also appreciate in this movie the degrading deal that many immigrants suffer without protesting because the more important thing for this people is to have money and to be able to support their own families. The mentality of the most immigrants is that its children won’t suffer the same problem their parents went through. Immigrants’ wishes are that their children get an education so this circular or chain of poverty and exploitation is finally finished.
    Another important point we emphasizes is the importance of family to the childhood development as a person. In this case we can see the important role of the grandmother, the godparents, neighbors, and friend in spite of living in poverty each held together by string attached is more than the blood and protect each other. We also can see how in Mexico is common for children work to help support their families. This is a reality that despite being frowned upon by society is a necessary obligation, but not a selection of life.
    On the other hand we can see the deviant behavior of Carlos’s uncle that at all cost want the child living with him, not for the welfare of the child but for the money that child receive monthly from his mother. This is also part of our reality. In my opinion is a kind of abuse that happens very often, for example while one is killed working abroad to help their parent, some family members are in their country waiting for their remittances and even required to support them and don’t even made the minimal effort to progress. Can we then demonstrate that the abuse not only occurs between high and low classes.
    Referring to the movie, Carlitos is being reared by his grandma, but when Carlos’ beloved grandmother dies, he decides to strike out on his own journey to L.A. to meet his mom. This child of only 8 year and despite living away from his mother for about 4 years retains the values instilled by his family.
    Culturally we observe how in spite of the remoteness and of economic’ problems is so important for Mexican’s families to maintain ties with those that remain in their countries, this is not only from one side but from the side who live in Unites States. It is very common for immigrants to retain their tradition, values and foods. This is what is called subcultures. That in spite of living in this country for many years and go native to live by the rules and customs of this country, immigrants bring part of their native customs and form a new subculture. Proof of this is the great variety of Latino’s restaurants that exist at national level and stained so popular. Another example is the Spanglish that is currently fashionable even in the songs.
    I would argue that selective immigration is positive. I think these should be a controlled or maybe should be some sort of temporary working card, especially in those states where there are so many jobs that the American’s people do not want to do and can be filled by people from other countries. Which could be register but while acknowledge them all the same legal right like any normal worker such as health insurance, a deserved pay and safety work environment without risk of contamination or work’s accidents not like now that some people take advantage of the immigrants needs.
    Millions of Mexican women illegally immigrate to the Unite State each year and at least four million of them leave children behind in Mexico. That statistic is even more heart breaking when your realize the life they find when they come here: poor-paying jobs, few legal rights, and a constant fear that immigration services will arrest or deport them.
    “Under the same Moon” treats this reality with a huge sentimentality, telling the unlikely story of a young boy who crosses the border to find his mother living in Los Angeles. The movie take place in a world in which most strangers mean well and kind hearts win out over harsh reality but it also take care to explore the manifold challenge of simply existing in this country as an illegal immigrant.
    At a time when tension between American and illegal immigrants are rising an universal story like this one is a moment to step back and recognize. Yes, we are all under the same moon.

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    Good day! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this page to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!


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